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i am, today

A reminder to be the BEST VERSION OF YOU, today. 

#projectiamtoday | i am; Today LLC was established to empower ourselves to take responsibility. To first, look in the mirror before looking to the side for someone to lead or guide you. To truly believe that only you are in control of your next move, next step, next action or reaction from your surroundings.

To Dream as big as you possibly could, hold on to it and always take the next steps in your journey to go towards it. To get comfortable being uncomfortable. To understand & learn that FEAR is not a deal breaker and can be used as fuel to KEEP MOVING forward towards the storm.

...and because fuck it, you can have whatever you want, PERIOD. 


For all questions, feedback and/or suggestions contact us via email at or using the form below. We will get back to you expeditiously! 

Remember, don't forget to be a #badass today.